The Team Behind Statistics Globe

Statistics Globe is an education platform that provides free programming tutorials in R and Python as well as theoretical explanations for the field of statistics and data science.

On this page, we want to give you a brief overview about the team behind this platform.

This covers the authors of tutorials on Statistics Globe as well as the people behind the scene that are responsible for the appearance of the Statistics Globe website and its social media channels.

Joachim Schork – Main Author & Founder of Statistics Globe

Joachim Schork Statistician Programmer

Joachim Schork is the main author and founder of Statistics Globe.

He has a master’s degree in Survey Statistics and several years of working experience in the field of Official Statistics.

Joachim is responsible for the creation of new tutorials and the conceptional planning of the website, the YouTube channel, and the social media platforms.

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Micha Gengenbach – Video Editing & Social Media Management

Micha Gengenbach Content Manager Video Editing

Micha Gengenbach is the manager, developer, and SEO of Statistics Globe’s YouTube and social media accounts.

He has a background as a certified business administrator with several years of experience in a sales back-office and as a sales representative.

Micha is responsible for the editing of videos on the Statistics Globe YouTube channel and for Statistics Globe’s appearance on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

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Social Media & Contact

A major goal of the Statistics Globe platform is to exchange with other statisticians, data scientists, programmers, and researchers of any field. Please let us know in the comments or on social media, in case you have any questions or topics you want to discuss!

In case you want to follow Statistics Globe on social media or if you want to contact us via email, you can find all details below.


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