Online Courses at Statistics Globe

At Statistics Globe, we are excited to offer a selection of premium online courses designed to enrich your learning experience.

These courses specialize in the R and Python programming languages, equipping you with a profound understanding of these tools.

Our curriculum also encompasses the fields of data science and statistical methodologies, delivering a blend of practical applications and theoretical insights.

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Comprehensive Online Courses

Our online courses are structured to fit various learning styles and skill levels, ensuring that whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, you’ll find content that resonates with your educational needs.

By engaging with our courses, you will gain hands-on experience and comprehensive knowledge, essential for navigating the complexities of today’s data-driven landscape. Join us on a journey of learning and professional growth in the ever-evolving world of programming and data analysis.

Free Tutorials at Statistics Globe

We believe that education should be affordable and accessible to everyone. That’s why, in addition to our paid and more extensive online courses, we also offer a wide range of free tutorials.

We provide written tutorials on our website as well as video tutorials on our YouTube channel. You may click on the images below to visit the corresponding sections.

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Consulting Services

Are you looking for help with your data science project that is completely customized to your individual needs? At Statistics Globe, we also offer statistical consulting and data science services for a variety of clients, including businesses, public institutes, and researchers.

Our experienced team is skilled in statistical software such as R and Python, and we provide complete support for every stage of your project.

We help you from the start with study design and data handling, all the way to advanced statistical analysis and creating dynamic visualizations.

We also focus on clearly presenting and sharing your project’s results to make sure they have a strong impact.

Find out more about our consulting services here.

Statistics Globe Consulting


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  • Karun Korkmaz
    January 2, 2024 8:30 pm

    I have purchased the “Data Manipulation Course”. I have previously followed the link at the confirmation mail I have received after the purchase and it was working and I hade access to the course. But now, I don’t have the access anymore. Can you help me out with this issue?
    Best regards,
    Karun Korkmaz, MD

    • Hello Karun Korkmaz,

      Apologies for the late reply. Is the problem still existent? The link in the email you received should actually work permanently. If not, I saw you are also in the course’s LinkedIn group, and the first post (pinned at the top) gives you access to the course page as well. Hope this helps you.
      Please let us know if it doesn’t work. The best way to inform us is over the LinkedIn group.
      Best regards,

  • Vishal Srivastava
    February 20, 2024 3:21 pm

    Hi Matthias,
    I am also experiencing the access issue. Unfortunately, I don’t have the access to LinkedIn group. When I joined, I thought to access the course later as I was traveling, but now I don’t seem to find the location where I can get all the course content. Some of the emails are in spam. Can you provide me the link to all the course content at please.


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