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Wolf Riepl is a Radio and TV technician and a Sociologist by training. He spent years analyzing data using mostly SPSS, sometimes Stata, and programmed in ExcelVBA.

His first exposure to R was a weekend training in 2007, after which he vowed he never wanted to open that software again. That only changed in late 2014, when he worked his way into R.

He hasn’t looked back, and is now not only a useR, but also a loveR and teachR. He currently finds teaching R to be more fun than his former freelance data analysis project work.

Wolf shares his knowledge on his YouTube channel StatistikinDD as well as on his website statistik-dresden.de.

Make sure to subscribe to Wolf’s YouTube channel! He provides amazing content on topics such as R programming, statistical computing, and data analysis.


Collaborations Between Wolf Riepl & Statistics Globe

There have been several collaborations on the YouTube channels of StatistikinDD and Statistics Globe. Please find the latest video releases below:


How to Create Your Own Package in R


Wolf has also contributed this video as a written article for the Statistics Globe website. You may find the article here.


How to Draw Barplots in R: Base R & ggplot2


Analyzing Football Wages in R Using the tidyverse



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