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Albert Rapp Guest Author Statistics Globe

Albert is a math PhD student, data scientist and content creator. He’s fascinated by the blend of data analytics, web development, and visualization, and loves sharing his knowledge with everyone on social media such as YouTube and LinkedIn.

You may find his YouTube channel here and his LinkedIn profile here.

Albert also provides online courses, and has recently published an excellent course on creating meaningful data visualizations using ggplot2 in R. You can find more details about the course here.


Video Collaborations with Albert

Albert has created a video on how to use the ggplot2 package to draw beautiful graphics in R, which was published on the Statistics Globe YouTube channel. You can find the video below.



Furthermore, Albert has published several videos on his YouTube channel, in which Joachim Schork explains different R programming and statistics concepts.

The video below demonstrates how to use the packages of the tidyverse to manipulate and visualize data.



The following video explains how to draw a variable loading plot to visualize the results of a Principal Component Analysis (PCA).




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