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Statistics Globe is an education and consulting platform dedicated to the fields of statistics, data science, R, and Python programming.

Founded in 2017 by Joachim Schork as a personal blog, it has since evolved into a collaborative project.

This comprises a stable team of data scientists, technical staff committed to supporting all backend operations, as well as numerous guest contributors that enrich the content on Statistics Globe by their individual skills.

The diversity of our team is an essential asset, bringing together a wide range of skills and insights to foster quality and creativity in our work.

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Over the years, Statistics Globe has grown into a well-known platform in the statistics and data science world, reaching hundreds of thousands of people every month through our content available on our website, our YouTube channel, our various social media channels, as well as our informative email newsletter.

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What We Have to Offer

Statistics Globe offers a range of educational resources and services.

Our platform features more than 3000 free tutorials, covering key topics in R, Python, statistics, and data science. For more in-depth learning, we provide structured online courses in certain specialized areas. We also offer individual consulting services, where we provide customized support for specific projects of our clients.

Please find more information on what we have to offer below.


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Statistics Globe on YouTube

Statistics Globe YouTube Channel

Beyond the resources available on our website, we encourage you to explore the Statistics Globe YouTube Channel. Here, you’ll find a vast library of more than 1000 free video tutorials.

Delivering dynamic, visual learning opportunities, these tutorials cover topics such as R, Python, data science, and statistical methodology, enriching the structured education provided through our other offerings.

Designed to engage learners at every level, from novice to expert, our videos aim to provide a more interactive and practical learning experience. They enhance your understanding and application of essential skills in real-world contexts.


Our Main Content Categories

To streamline your learning journey, we’ve categorized our content into three main sections: R programming, Python, and Statistical Methods. These sections are thoughtfully designed to navigate you through the nuances of programming, data analysis, and statistical theories in a coherent and approachable format.

By exploring the categories below, you’ll have immediate access to our broad range of free tutorials, each aimed at boosting your proficiency and insight in these critical fields. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already advanced in your journey, our resources are adapted to suit your expertise level and assist in your skill enhancement.


Popular Posts

You can find some of the most popular articles of Statistics Globe below. Click on the images to get more information on the different topics!

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Replace NA with 0 in R: Tutorial on how to replace missing values in the R programming language (including 10 examples).
is.na Function in R: Programming tutorial on the usage of is.na() and its combination with other R functions.
R Functions & Commands
List of R Functions: Important commands of the R programming language, including examples and tutorials.


Recent Posts

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