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Kirby White is a PhD in IO Psychology at the Seattle Pacific University.

He curated his training path to include more advanced analytics such as machine learning, text analysis, databasing, and programming in R and Python.

He has taught college courses in data analytics and visualization, and is the lead trainer at Alt + F11, his Excel training and custom solutions business.

As a freelance consultant and analyst, he has worked with some of the world’s largest companies to create custom dashboards, automated workflows, and predictive engines using a combination of Excel, SQL, and R.

Prior to graduate school, he worked at a tech consulting firm near Seattle, was a firefighter/EMT, and served in the United States Marine Corps.


Kirby’s Tutorials on Statistics Globe

Kirby creates tutorials on topics such as the detection and removal of statistical outliers, the creation of Shiny dashboards, and the handling of SQL databases using Python and the R programming language.

Below, you can find a list of articles that Kirby has written in collaboration with Statistics Globe. Make sure to also check out the corresponding video tutorials of Kirby White that are embedded in those articles.

In case you want to contact Kirby, please leave a comment below or contact him via his LinkedIn profile.


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