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Matthias Gengenbach

Hi, my name is Matthias Gengenbach and I support Joachim and the Statistics Globe team with their IT, various web hosting tasks and also everything related to security. I’m with the team since day one and here I will tell you some details about my professional background and my other projects.

I started my own IT business back in 2015 where I also created websites, beginning with static HTML pages and then switching to WordPress in 2018. From this point onwards I also continuously focused on issues like loading speed, spam protection and safe web hosting.

Joachim and I know each other since the 6th grade, and he also supports my own projects with his statistical skills. We work together on my large automotive platform CarWiki where he takes care of the technical data section, helping me to accurately show and update the tech specs of all European cars available.


On Statistics Globe, I’m mainly responsible for these tasks:

1) I take care of the web hosting and our servers by maintaining, monitoring and checking the system and also making sure that there are no downtimes or errors due to traffic peaks or other events. Furthermore, I also maintain the IP blacklist and take care of spam attacks in the comments.

2) Since I hosted a huge database on CarWiki that also provides user-friendly functions like dropdown filters or comparison tools, Joachim and I share a big interest in SQL Server and everything that deals with database implementation and maintenance which of course also affects my work at Statistics Globe.

3) I’m also very keen on testing and using various APIs and implementing them on WordPress pages via PHP or different widgets. Here I again benefit from different categories at CarWiki where certain APIs are connected in order to help the user (e.g. finding the correct tire size, the matching motor oil or a compatible car battery).

4) Last but not least, I ensure the safety and confidentiality of consulting projects, applying stringent security measures to protect the data of our clients.

In case you want to contact me, please use the contact form of Statistics Globe. I’m happy to answer all questions and comments!


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