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At Statistics Globe, we offer specialized statistical consulting and data science services to a wide range of clients, including businesses, public institutes, and researchers.

Our experienced team, skilled in statistical software such as R and Python, assists you across all stages of your project – from study design and data manipulation to in-depth statistical analysis, impactful visualization, as well as the comprehensive presentation and promotion of your project’s results.

We navigate you through the complexities of your data, ensuring that you gain valuable insights and communicate them effectively.

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Pricing: Our consulting services are priced at $130 per hour. We believe in transparency, which is why we provide clear and detailed documentation of the hours worked on your project. Contact us today to discuss your project’s requirements and receive a personalized total cost estimate for our service.


Our Services

We outline a selection of our key competencies below, offering a brief overview of our professional expertise. It’s important to note that the topics listed here represent only a sample of our full capabilities. We warmly invite you to reach out to us for a more personalized discussion about how our expertise aligns with the specific requirements of your project.

Survey Design & Planning

  • Sampling Design: Selecting sampling units by evaluating different data collection methods to ensure population representation.
  • Randomization Techniques: Implementing random assignment strategies to ensure unbiased group allocation.
  • Quasi-Experimental Design: Designing studies when random assignment isn’t possible to infer causality.
  • Mixed Survey Mode: Strategically combining various survey data collection methods, such as online, phone, and in-person.
  • Cross-Sectional & Longitudinal Design: Planning and implementing one-time as well as recurring surveys.
  • Sample Size Calculation: Determining the number of sampling units for an optimal balance between statistical accuracy and cost efficiency.
  • Weighting: Adjusting survey data to compensate for undersampling or unit non-response bias.
  • Questionnaire Design: Crafting effective, unbiased questionnaires with careful consideration of wording, order, and format.

Data Preparation & Statistical Analysis

  • Data Exploration: Employing exploratory techniques to uncover patterns, anomalies, and relationships within the data.
  • Data Cleaning and Manipulation: Removing unnecessary data, specifying appropriate data classes, and transforming data structures.
  • Missing Data Imputation: Reducing bias by substituting missing data points using statistical methods.
  • Measurement Validity: Testing if measurement tools accurately represent the concept they are intended to measure.
  • Dimensionality Reduction: Reducing the complexity of high-dimensional data using techniques such as Principal Component Analysis and Factor Analysis.
  • Automatic Feature Selection: Identifying key variables for statistical models, enhancing model parsimony.
  • Statistical Modeling: Developing and applying models to test hypotheses, predict outcomes, and analyze complex variable relationships.
  • Machine Learning Analysis: Utilizing advanced algorithms to extract valuable insights from complex data sets.
  • Statistical Inference: Interpreting the results of statistical analyses to derive actionable insights and informed decisions.

Data Visualization & Reporting

  • Compelling Visuals: Creating intuitive and esthetical visualizations that transform complex data insights into clear, engaging visuals.
  • Interactive Graphics: Designing dynamic graphics and dashboards, enabling an engaging user experience.
  • Data Storytelling: Crafting engaging narratives with visualizations to convey data insights clearly and memorably.
  • Detailed Reporting: Developing clear reports and presentations that translate complex data into understandable formats for diverse audiences.
  • Automated Documents: Implementing efficient automated processes, ideal for standardizing recurring reporting tasks.

Software & IT-Support

  • R Programming: Using R for comprehensive data analysis, statistical modeling, and visualization, employing packages such as dplyr, ggplot2, and plotly.
  • Python: Leveraging Python for data manipulation, advanced analytics, and machine learning, using libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, and Scikit-learn.
  • Markdown and LaTeX: Utilizing Markdown and LaTeX to create comprehensive reports, detailed guidelines, and engaging presentations.
  • Shiny Web Applications: Developing interactive and user-friendly web applications for dynamic data visualization and exploration in R and Python.
  • Video Editing: Producing high-quality videos using Adobe Premiere, presenting data science content in an engaging and informative manner.
  • Social Media Management: Promoting your project’s results via various social media platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • WordPress Websites: Creating and maintaining WordPress websites, integrating data-driven functionalities and visualizations for an enhanced web presence.

Meet Our Experts

We are proud to introduce our consulting team of highly skilled professionals at Statistics Globe. By choosing our consulting services, Joachim Schork, the head of Statistics Globe, will be your primary contact. However, each member contributes their distinct competencies to our collective expertise, guaranteeing the exceptional quality of service that defines our work. Get to know our professionals in their detailed profiles below.


Joachim Schork
Statistician & Founder of Statistics Globe
Joachim Schork established Statistics Globe in 2017. He holds a Master’s degree in Survey Statistics and has several years of working experience in the field of Official Statistics. Joachim has extensive expertise in various methodological areas, including survey design, missing data imputation, statistical matching, and machine learning. Complementing his methodological know-how, Joachim brings over ten years of intensive experience in R programming as well as five years of experience using Python. His broad knowledge combined with many years of creating educational content has made him a well-known figure in the disciplines of statistics and data science. Read more about Joachim...
Matthias Gengenbach
IT Services, Web Hosting & Data Security
Matthias Gengenbach, the IT specialist at Statistics Globe, ensures the highest data security standards for our consulting services. With his deep expertise in server optimization, SQL databases, WordPress, PHP, and HTML, he enforces rigorous security practices for client projects. Moreover, his expertise in web hosting and design guarantees rapid website loading times and visually appealing layouts, crucial for clients aiming to publish their results online. The blend of his IT expertise and his capability to analyze large databases underlines his valuable contribution to our team, highlighting his importance as a crucial contributor to the success of our consulting projects. Read more about Matthias...
Micha Gengenbach
SEO, Social Media & Video Editing
Micha Gengenbach specializes in enhancing the visibility of our clients' projects through digital marketing and SEO strategies. With a business administration certification and an extensive background in sales and customer support, he leverages his marketing and technical skills to effectively promote our consulting clients' projects online to a global audience. Furthermore, Micha is adept in the editing tool Adobe Premiere, crafting compelling videos for YouTube and other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, and TikTok. His work is essential for clients aiming to maximize the visibility of their project outcomes. Read more about Micha...

As you can see based on our profiles, our capabilities go beyond typical data science and statistics skills. The seamless functioning of our operations is ensured by our dedicated technical team. At Statistics Globe, we prioritize the confidentiality of your data. We ensure protected data transfer and storage to provide appropriate IT security and database management standards.

However, our technical team’s expertise is not only instrumental in safeguarding our projects but also in amplifying reach to a global audience. We have built up Statistics Globe to a recognized brand, attracting over 20 million website visits, more than 3 million YouTube views, and a combined following of over 50 thousand people across our various social media channels.

We may assist you in publishing and promoting your project’s results through videos, social media, or your own website, ensuring to reach a wider audience while maintaining the highest standards of data integrity and confidentiality.

How We Work

At Statistics Globe, understanding your unique needs and tailoring our consulting work to your project’s requirements is of highest importance. Whether you already have a clear vision or need broader guidance, we first gain a comprehensive understanding of your project, your questions, your data, and any relevant background information. This initial clarity forms the basis for our work.

We are dedicated to make every aspect of our work completely transparent to our clients. We explain our methodological decisions and the statistics behind our results in understandable language. This may include creating detailed documentations and guidelines that explain our work, as well as passing on the underlying code.

Conducting rigorous internal reviews before presenting our results to clients is an essential component of our workflow. Our team’s interdisciplinary background enables a well-rounded and multi-perspective assessment of our deliverables to ensure the highest quality.

We aim to develop solutions that are not only theoretically sound, but also practical and customized to your specific context. Our support ranges from quick advice to carrying out comprehensive statistical analyses. We offer:

  • Quick Consultations: Guidance for immediate statistical queries and problems with your code.
  • Extended Advisory Sessions: Comprehensive advice and code development for complex statistical issues.
  • Project-Based Collaboration: Detailed consulting for the entire duration of specific projects.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous and long-term assistance for extensive research projects or data analysis tasks.
  • Advanced Training: Educating your team for autonomous use and further development of our consulting outcomes.

Besides English, we also offer support in German. Our office is located in Karlsruhe, Germany. If you are nearby, we welcome the opportunity to meet in person. However, our consultancy services are tailored to clients worldwide, and we are fully equipped to conduct consultations exclusively online.

For all your questions, please contact us to arrange an initial meeting where we can discuss the context and scope of your project.




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