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Micha Gengenbach Content Manager Video Editing

Hi, my name is Micha Gengenbach and I’m managing the YouTube and social media appearance of Statistics Globe since March 2021. On this page, I’ll give you a brief overview about my professional background and my responsibilities on Statistics Globe.

I have completed a commercial apprenticeship followed by an advanced education leading to a business administrator certificate (for the Germans: “Geprüfter Wirtschaftsfachwirt IHK“) with several years of experience in a sales back-office and as a sales representative.

Joachim and I have known each other since we were little children, and I followed the progress of Statistics Globe closely since the beginning. I’m happy that I’m now part of this young team so that I can contribute to the development of Statistics Globe more actively.


On Statistics Globe, I’m mainly responsible for three tasks:

1) I edit videos for the Statistics Globe YouTube channel and our comprehensive online courses. For this task, I use the video editing software Adobe Premiere to improve the visualization of each video, and to cut the video when Joachim forgets his text or doesn’t know how to explain something properly. 😉

2) I manage the social media accounts for Statistics Globe on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter/X, Instagram, and TikTok. Besides many other things, this includes the planning and posting of new tutorials, as well as the approval of questions and posts in Statistics Globe’s Facebook and LinkedIn discussion groups.

3) I’m responsible for the visibility of new tutorials on the website, YouTube, and the various social media channels. This includes fine-grained search engine optimizations to ensure a wider reach to a broader audience.

Beyond managing our own projects at Statistics Globe, I leverage my expertise through our consulting services to elevate our clients’ projects.

In case you want to contact me, please use the contact form of Statistics Globe. I’m happy to answer all questions and comments!


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