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At Statistics Globe, we are proud to present a comprehensive and diverse range of free tutorials tailored to your individual learning needs.

Our focus extends to a wide range of tasks using the R and Python programming languages, ensuring a deep understanding of these essential tools in today’s data-driven world.

Additionally, we dive into the areas of data science and statistical methods, providing insights and knowledge that are both practical and theoretical.

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Our Tutorial Categories

To make learning easier for you, we have divided our tutorials into three different categories. These categories are designed to guide you through the complexities of programming, data analysis, and statistical concepts in a structured and user-friendly manner.

By clicking on the different categories below, you can easily navigate our extensive library of tutorials, each designed to improve your skills and knowledge in these study fields. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, our resources are tailored to your level and will help you grow your skills.

Statistics Globe YouTube Videos

Statistics Globe YouTube Channel

In addition, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel, where you’ll discover an extensive collection of over 1000 free video tutorials.

These videos offer engaging, visual learning experiences in R, Python, data science, and statistical methods, perfectly complementing the structured learning of our tutorial categories.

They cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced learners, and are designed to provide a more interactive and hands-on approach to learning, enhancing your understanding and application of these critical skills in real-world scenarios.

Comprehensive Online Courses

In addition to our extensive list of free tutorials, we also offer premium online courses available for purchase.

These carefully designed courses dive deeply into specific topics, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive understanding. Each course is structured to provide advanced skills and knowledge in its respective field.

We invite you to explore these offers by clicking on the image on the right side. This will take you to our special section for paid online courses.

Statistics Globe Online Courses

Consulting Services

Do you need help with your data science project that is fully personalized to your individual requirements? At Statistics Globe, we also offer statistical consulting and data science services, catering to a diverse clientele including businesses, public institutions, and academic researchers.

Our team, proficient in leading statistical software such as R and Python, offers comprehensive support throughout your project’s lifecycle.

Statistics Globe Consulting

We specialize in guiding you from the initial stages of study design and data management, through to advanced statistical analysis and dynamic data visualization.

Our assistance extends to creating presentation and guidelines as well as helping you in disseminating your project’s findings, ensuring your results make a significant impact.

You may find more information on our consulting services here.

Popular Tutorials

Enough talk about our paid services, let’s get back to our free tutorials! You may find some of the most popular tutorials of Statistics Globe below. Click on the images to get further information on the different topics!

R Programming Language: Introduction to R and a list of all R tutorials on this site.
Predictive Mean Matching
Predictive Mean Matching: How to impute missing values via PMM. Explanation of the method and programming example in R.
Replace NA in R
Replace NA with 0 in R: Tutorial on how to replace missing values in the R programming language (including 10 examples).
is.na Function in R: Programming tutorial on the usage of is.na() and its combination with other R functions.
R Functions & Commands
List of R Functions: Important commands of the R programming language, including examples and tutorials.

Recent Tutorials

The following list shows the most recent tutorials on our website. You may also scroll down to find older articles.


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