Best ChatGPT Prompts for Writing A Resume (4 Examples)

As a chatbot that has been trained on a huge amount of text data, ChatGPT‘s applications seem endless. One such application is in the area of writing resumes.

Therefore, this tutorial is going to discuss the best ChatGPT prompts for writing a resume.

Here is an overview:

Let’s get into the discussion!


Types of Resumes

  • Chronological Resume: This type of resume traces an applicant’s work and educational history in chronological order or by date, usually starting from the most recent position held or qualification acquired.
  • Functional Resume: A functional resume is typically used by people who do not have a traditional work history, and it focuses mostly on the skills and strengths that will appeal to an employer.
  • Combination Resume: As the name suggests, the combination resume is a combination of both the chronological and functional resume. This hybrid resume traces an applicant’s work and educational history while also showcasing their skills, talents, and strengths.
  • Targeted Resume: This kind of resume can either be chronological, functional, or combined but is targeted at the specific position being applied for. Usually, the work experience and educational qualification sections of the resume are tailored to suit the description of the vacant position.

Now that we have seen the types of resumes there are, let us write ChatGPT prompts to generate each one.

Chronological Resume Prompt

Prompt: “Can you write me a chronological resume? I have a degree in business and 5 years of work experience at X&G Ventures, between 2010 and 2015. I have more recently worked at ByTheWay Holdings between 2016 and 2019.”


chronological resume generated by chatgpt

Given the prompt, ChatGPT listed the work history in chronological order, starting with the most recent work experience. If we had supplied some more educational information in the prompt, it would also have listed them chronologically.

Functional Resume Prompt

Prompt: “Write me a resume detailing my skills and competence as a social media manager who has successfully organized and executed social media marketing campaigns for different companies.”


functional resume generated by chatgpt

As seen in the response, ChatGPT did well in crafting a resume detailing the skills and accomplishments as a social media manager.

Even without using the keyword “functional” in the prompt, given the description, ChatGPT could infer the kind of resume to write.

Combined Resume Prompt

Prompt: “I have a degree in digital marketing and have worked at both Digi Marketers (2020 – 2021) and Mogo Lifts (2016 – 2018). Can you write me a resume that details my skills and exceptional talent as a digital marketer?”


combined resume generated by chatgpt


If you run the above prompt, you will notice that the resume generated by ChatGPT is a hybrid one, combining both a chronological resume and a functional resume.

It lists the work experience chronologically from the most recent and also lists skills and competencies in the field of digital marketing as expected.

Targeted Resume Prompt

Prompt: “Please craft a targeted resume for me. I want to apply for the position of social network analyst at HighNet Research Group. Let the resume detail my skills in social network research and analysis, as well as my past job positions as a data analyst at Mellan Analysts (2010 – 2014) and KingTan Fleet (2016 – 2020). Also, state only the skills that will interest them at HighNet Research Group.”


targeted resume generated by chatgpt

You will notice that the above prompt contains more text than the others. That is because we needed to give ChatGPT some instructions in order for it to generate a targeted resume sample.

As with other ChatGPT use cases, several iterations may need to be run before you get the desired result. You may also have to modify your prompt as well.

Writing a good prompt starts with having a decent knowledge of the area or endeavor in which you need ChatGPT to develop a solution for you. That way, you know how to craft your prompt using the right expressions and descriptions in order to get the result you want.

That said, the best ChatGPT prompts for writing a resume are those ones that reflect an understanding of the different types of resumes there are, as demonstrated in this tutorial.

Even without using any keywords, you can still guide ChatGPT to generate the result you want.

Prompting is usually not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, although there are certain requirements that should be met when writing a prompt. Nevertheless, an individual’s peculiar need and use case will determine how a prompt is developed.

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Video, Further Resources & Summary

Do you need more explanations on the best ChatGPT prompts for writing a resume? Then you should have a look at the following YouTube video of the Statistics Globe YouTube channel.

In the video, we explain the best ChatGPT prompts for writing a resume in some more detail.


The YouTube video will be added soon.


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This post has discussed the best ChatGPT prompts for writing a resume. Note that the resumes generated by ChatGPT are meant to be used as a guide or template. Therefore, you will still need to edit them and fill in your own information and details.

Also, you may need to change the wordings too because some employers now use AI tools to detect AI-generated text, including resumes, and may flag such.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial! In case you have further questions, you may leave a comment below.


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