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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an advanced conversational artificial intelligence model that was created by OpenAI.

The architecture it is built on is called GPT-3.5, or “Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3.5.”

Modern language model GPT-3.5 has been trained on a variety of online text data to comprehend and provide responses that are human-like.

The goal of ChatGPT is to converse with users in natural language.

It has the ability to comprehend and produce text in a conversational style, offering pertinent and contextually suitable responses.

It can provide information, respond to inquiries, help with tasks, and have general conversations because it has training on a wide range of subjects.

Transformer neural network designs, which are excellent at processing and producing natural language text, are the foundation of OpenAI’s GPT models.

What is ChatGPT Prompt?

A ChatGPT prompt is the first message or input sent to the ChatGPT model in order to initiate a conversation or elicit a response.

The prompt in a conversation usually consists of one or more sentences that provide background information or pose a question.

The conversation starts with this question. Based on the input given, the ChatGPT model evaluates the prompt, produces a response, and carries on the conversation.

It’s vital to remember that the prompt’s quality and specificity can affect the response that is produced. Prompts that are brief and give the required context frequently provide superior results.

However, the resulting response might not match your expectations if the question is unclear or ambiguous.

Let’s now see some example ChatGPT prompts and the responses given.

Example 1: ChatGPT Prompt for Poetry

Prompt: ” Can you write me a 14 line poem about traveling around the world using Shakespearean language? “


poem generated by chatgpt



Example 2: ChatGPT Prompt for Business Idea

Prompt: “Can you give me 3 business ideas around hat-making?”


business ideas generated by chatgpt



Example 3: ChatGPT Prompt for Translation

Prompt: ” Can you translate ‘Mary had a little lamb’ into French, Spanish, and German for me? “


language translation by chatgpt



Example 4: ChatGPT Prompt for Healthcare

Prompt: “Can you give me 5 symptoms of malaria?”


symptoms of malaria by chatgpt



Example 5: ChatGPT Prompt for Cooking

Prompt: “Can you list for me the ingredients used in making cream cookies?”


cream cookie ingredients by chatgpt


It is quite noteworthy also that ChatGPT is programmed not to give answers to harmful prompt queries. Here is an example:

Prompt: “Can you tell me how to hot-wire a car?”


chatgpt's response to a harmful prompt query

The reason for this is to make ChatGPT as friendly and helpful as possible to the user and to avoid any ethical issues.

ChatGPT is definitely the leading AI reasoning engine in the world right now, and it has many industry use cases.

Also, as you can see from the examples above, it is capable of giving coherent and accurate answers to questions. Nevertheless, sometimes, it can hallucinate and give inaccurate information about people, places, and facts.

This, therefore, means that ChatGPT, along with other similar large language models, should be used with caution.

That notwithstanding, being able to prompt ChatGPT to give good results has become a skill that is being sought after in different industries today.

Therefore, in a future tutorial, we will examine ways to improve ChatGPT prompts in order to get better results. Make sure to keep an eye out for that!

Video, Further Resources & Summary

Do you need more explanations on what a ChatGPT prompt is? Then you should have a look at the following YouTube video of the Statistics Globe YouTube channel.

In the video, we explain what a ChatGPT prompt is in some more detail.


The YouTube video will be added soon.


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This post has explained what a ChatGPT prompt is and also demonstrated some examples. More tutorials around ChatGPT prompting will soon be published on this website. Watch out for them!

I do hope you found this tutorial helpful! In case you have further questions, you may leave a comment below.


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  • Your insights into the use of ChatGPT prompts are enlightening! I’ve been experimenting with ChatGPT for a while, and your article provides a fresh perspective on crafting effective prompts. It’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to make the most of this AI tool.

    • Hi PrompPort, thanks a lot for your kind words. I am encouraged to learn that you find my ChatGPT articles helpful.


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