between Function of dplyr R Package (2 Examples)


In this tutorial, I’ll illustrate how to test whether a numeric value falls into a specified range with the between function of the dplyr package in R.

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Example 1: Basic Application of between Function

If we want to apply the between() function, we need to install and load the dplyr package of the tidyverse first:

install.packages("dplyr")        # Install dplyr package
library("dplyr")                 # Load dplyr package

Then, we also need to specify a value, an upper bound of our range, and a lower bound of our range:

x1 <- 5                          # Define value
left1 <- 3                       # Define lower range
right1 <- 8                      # Define upper range

Now, we can apply the between function to test whether our values falls within our range:

between(x1, left1, right1)       # Apply between function

The RStudio console returns the logical value TRUE, indicating that our value is larger than the lower bound and smaller than the upper bound.


Example 2: Value Outside of Range

Let’s illustrate what happens when we check a value outside of our range. First, we need to specify some new values:

x2 <- 10                         # Define value
left2 <- 2                       # Define lower range
right2 <- 7                      # Define upper range

Now, we can apply the between command as we already did in Example 1:

between(x2, left2, right2)       # Apply between function

This time the between function returns FALSE to the RStudio console, indicating that our value does not fall into our range.


Video, Further Resources & Summary

Do you need more explanations on the dplyr package? Then you could watch the following video which I have published on my YouTube channel. In the video, I illustrate the further examples for the dplyr package in the R programming language:



In addition to the video, you might have a look at the other articles on my website. Please find a selection of related articles here:


To summarize: This tutorial explained how to check whether numeric values fall into a specified range with the between function of the dplyr package in R. In case you have additional questions, let me know in the comments.


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