How to Fix the Python AttributeError: module ‘datetime’ has no attribute ‘strptime’


In this article, I’ll show how to solve the AttributeError: module ‘datetime’ has no attribute ‘strptime’ in Python programming.

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Creation of Example Data

We’ll use the following data as a basis for this Python tutorial:

x = '2022-10-10'                            # Creating example date as string
print(x)                                    # Print example date
# 2022-10-10

As you can see, based on the previously shown output of the Python console, our example data is shown as string.


Example 1: Reproduce the AttributeError: module ‘datetime’ has no attribute ‘strptime’

In this example, I’ll explain how to replicate the output error AttributeError: module ‘datetime’ has no attribute ‘strptime’.

For this, we’ll also need to import the datetime module to Python:

import datetime                             # Load datetime module

If we now want to apply the strptime function, we unfortunately receive the following output:

datetime.strptime(x, '%Y-%m-%d')            # strptime function does not work
# AttributeError: module 'datetime' has no attribute 'strptime'

Let’s try to solve this error message!


Example 2: Fix the AttributeError: module ‘datetime’ has no attribute ‘strptime’

This example demonstrates how to debug the Python AttributeError: module ‘datetime’ has no attribute ‘strptime’.

The problem in the first example occurred because we applied “import datetime” instead of “from datetime import datetime”.

from datetime import datetime               # Import datetime

So with the right import, considering the code above, we can now use the strptime function once again and this time we receive no more error messages.

x_new = datetime.strptime(x, '%Y-%m-%d')    # strptime function works fine
print(x_new)                                # Print datetime object
# 2022-10-10 00:00:00

Look’s great!


Video & Further Resources

Would you like to learn more about the handling of the AttributeError: module ‘datetime’ has no attribute ‘strptime’? Then you may want to have a look at the following video instruction on my YouTube channel. I’m explaining the Python syntax of this post in the video.


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In addition, you could have a look at the related articles about dates and times on this website. Some tutorials are shown below:


Summary: At this point of the article you should know how to get rid off the AttributeError: module ‘datetime’ has no attribute ‘strptime’ in Python. Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below, in case you have further questions.


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