Function in R (Example) | Extract System & User Information


On this page, I’ll explain how to return system and user information using the function in R programming.

The content of the page looks as follows:

It’s time to dive into the example.


Example: Get System & User Information Using Function

The following R syntax shows how to extract information about the operating system and the user by applying the function in R.

Have a look at the following R code:                     # Apply function
#           sysname           release           version          nodename           machine             login              user    effective_user 
#         "Windows"          "10 x64"     "build 19043" "DESKTOP-FTRQE9D"          "x86-64"           "Joach"           "Joach"           "Joach"

As you can see, the previous R code has returned information such as the name of the system (i.e. Windows) and the username (i.e. Joach) to the RStudio console.


Video & Further Resources

I have recently published a video on my YouTube channel, which illustrates the contents of this page. You can find the video below.


The YouTube video will be added soon.


Furthermore, you might have a look at some of the related tutorials on my website:


At this point you should know how to extract information about the system and the user by applying the function in the R programming language. In case you have further questions, let me know in the comments section.


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