Change Default Working Directory in R & RStudio (Step-by-Step Example)


On this article, I’ll explain how to set the default working directory in R or RStudio.

The page will contain a step-by-step instruction on how to change the default working directory in the global RStudio settings:

Let’s take a look at some screenshots in RStudio!


Step 1) Click on Tools in the Taskbar

As a first step, you have to navigate to your taskbar and click on Tools:


setting working directory in r step 1


Step 2) Click on Global Options…

After clicking on Tools, a dropdown should appear. At the very bottom you will find the “Global Options…”:


setting working directory in r step 2



Step 3) Click on Browse & Select Your Working Directory

After clicking on “Global Options…” a new window should appear. In the middle of this window, you should find the “Browse” button:


setting working directory in r step 3


Click on the “Browse” button and select the working directory you want to use as default.

Click on “Apply” on the bottom right of the window. At this point, you default working directory should be changed.


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