R File Extension (Explained) | How to Open an .r File in RStudio?


R files are programming scripts written by the R programming language.

The R programming language is a powerful software tool that provides functions for statistical data analysis or the creation of graphics.

The R programming language is an open source software, i.e. it’s free to download and use and it’s developed by the R programming community instead of a big company.

R files are most often used in RStudio, a user-friendly interface for the R programming language.

How to Open an R File?

R files can easily be read as a txt file. However, if you want to work with the programming script that is stored in the R file, you have to download R (and RStudio).

You can then open the R file within the RStudio interface as shown below:


rstudio interface for r programming language


If you want to learn more about the R programming language, you can have a look at this list of R programming tutorials.

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