Play Sound at End of R Script (2 Examples) | beep Function


This tutorial illustrates how to make a sound at the end of a code in the R programming language.

Table of contents:

Let’s get started!


Example 1: Make Beep at End of Script

If we want to make a beep at the end of an R program, we can use the beepr package. First, we need to install and load the package:

install.packages("beepr")     # Install beepr package
library(beepr)                # Load beepr package

The beepr package contains the beep() function. We can apply the beep function with its default specifications as follows:

beep()                        # Default beep

If you run the previous R syntax, your computer will return a beep sound.


Example 2: Different Sound Options

The beep function provides several different sounds that we can play at the end or in between your R code. We simply have to specify the sound argument within the beep function to a specific number. Have a look at the R help documentation for the beep command to get more information on the different sounds.

For instance, we can play a treasure sound by specifying the sound option to be equal to 5:

beep(sound = 5)               # Adjust sound


Video, Further Resources & Summary

In case you need more information on the R syntax of this tutorial, you might watch the following video which I have published on my YouTube channel. I’m explaining the contents of this article in the video:


The YouTube video will be added soon.


In addition, you could have a look at the other tutorials of this website. I have published numerous tutorials already.


In this tutorial you learned how to make some noise in R. If you have any additional questions, let me know in the comments.


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